Anacapri: the other face of Capri

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A tranquil, natural oasis where one can enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation and spectacular landscapes, Anacapri represents the other face of the Isle of Capri.

Far from the lights, the shop-windows and the energy of the well-known “piazzetta” of Capri, Anacapri offers its visitors an enchanting destination of charming artisan shops, fabulous restaurants and diverse walks where one can breathe in the beauty of its natural surroundings. In 3 minutes, by way of a chairlift, one can be on the top of Monte Solaro, immerged in Mediterranean flora and the perfume of pine wafting on gentle breezes, whilst losing oneself in one of the most breath-taking views.

Anacapri is the ideal location for a relaxina vacation: its guests have the opportunity to re-energise whilst enjoying the long and tranquil walks, visiting various historical residences such as Villa San Michele and the Damecuta ruins, or the many other splendours, amongst which is the Path of the Forts, a natural path with links ancient paths used by the farmers and hunters.

In Anacapri one finds the legendary Blue Grotto, famous the world over for the magical colour of the water inside the cave. It is only small boats, carrying but 3 people, which are able to enter the cave as the opening is only 1 metre high.

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