Campania Mineralogical Museum

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In the heart of Vico Equense, an enchanting resort in Sorrento Coast, there is Campania Mineralogical Museum, a unique place where to immerse oneself into the secrets of nature and the evolution of life.

The Museum was founded in 1992 by the Foundation Discepolo, a board risen from the passion of family Discepolo in cooperation with the Municipality of Vico Equense.
The Campania Mineralogical Museum keeps 3,500 minerals in 28 showcases, belonging to 1,400 types, the result of the 50-year-old activity of Engineer Pasquale Discepolo. Since 1997, the museum has been enlarged with a paleontological section, divided into four showcases, dedicated to fossils from the Palaeozoic or Primary era to the Quaternary one with evidences of the last glaciations (Echinoderms, Lamellibranchia, Gasteropoda, plants and other species).

At present, thanks to a donation, there are almost 30 stone tools on show found during excavations in the Sahara, in Libya and in Chad.

The museum collections can be visited on the site
Campania Mineralogical Museum – Foundation Discepolo
2, Via S. Ciro – 80069 Vico Equense (Na)
Tel. 081/801.56.68

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