Easter Processions in Sorrento: historical hints

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In Sorrento, the procession of the Hooded People taking place during the Holy Week are two: the White Procession, also known as Procession of Our Lady of Sorrows, put on stage by the Archconfraternity of Santa Monica and the Black Procession, or also procession of Dead Christ, performed along the town streets by the Archconfraternity of Morte ed Orazione.

The tradition of Easter processions in Sorrento dates back almost to 1300: evidences testify the usage of parades of hooded people who flogged themselves along the streets as a sign of penitence. The performance of processions had a remarkable importance also during the Spanish domination in the Kingdom of Naples.

Being expressions of religious faith but also interesting folkloristic performances, the processions of the Holy Week have, therefore, a very ancient tradition and are organized and cured in any detail still today. Famous all over the world for the mystical and suggestive atmosphere they can create, they are surely an enchanting show to see during a holiday in Sorrento.

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