Festival of Sant’ Anna

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Marina Grande of Sorrento lies in an enchanted hamlet, inhabited by fishermen and characterized by a small sandy shore and a few bathing establishments. It is one of the best-known places in Sorrento, made famous by the renowned film by Dino Risi Pane, Amore e…, and boasts almost a three thousand-year- old history. Every year, on July 26th, the inhabitants of this enchanted village celebrate the festival of St. Anna.

A much-awaited event, the festival of Sant’ Anna is a date joining the faith and folklore of Sorrento people. Sant’ Anna is the Patron Saint of the hamlet of Marina Grande and also the protector of pregnant women.

Music, games, tastings and characteristic religious rites, including a suggestive procession in which the statue of the Saint goes along the streets of the town, characterize this festival every year.

The celebrations in the honour of the Patron saint of the Hamlet end in a superb firework display at above the sea.

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