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A unique structure in Europe, the City of Science is one of the most interesting scientific museums as it integrates science, art, culture and innovation in a single location.

The basic concept is based on the interaction and direct involvement with the visitors. Situated overlooking the Gulf of Pozzuoli, the City of Science Museum of Naples is characterised by 5 impressive naves which cover a surface area of 10.000sq.m. The building has been restored maintaining the original industrial architecture. Inside one can follow a path leading past exhibits which tell the story of human knowledge and the comparisons between us and Nature.

The Science Museum is divided into various sections: the Spectacle of the Sky, one of the biggest planetariums in southern Italy, equipped with all the necessary instruments to observe Copernicus’ sky and more; the Science Gymnasium, sub-divided into three sections, in which the ‘secrets’ of classic physics are exhibited, of contemporary science and of biology; and then there is the section called Signs, Symbols and Signals, a permanent exhibition all about communication, a unique display to be hosted in a museum in Italy.

Worthy of special mention is the Children’s Office, a genuine interactive laboratory for children, even for those younger than 3, where they can experience and discover the wonders of the human and artificial worlds.

The City of Science Museum recommends visitors make use of Bit, a user-friendly virtual guide which is both fun and informative.

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