Museum of Wood Inlay

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Among the most important Museums of Applied Art existing in Italy, the Museum of Wood Inlay is among the most interesting attractions in the town of Sorrento.

The museum is a multifunctional place which, besides enhancing the products of Sorrento artistic craftsmanship, keeps and offers its visitors the traditional art techniques, too. Therefore, it is not only a building for conservation, but also a place where it is possible to see the production of Sorrento inlaid wood works.

The Museum dedicated to Sorrento wood inlay is located in the old town centre of Sorrento, in the historical Palace Pomarici Santomasi dating back to the Eighteenth century, recently renovated in the full respect of its original architecture.

In the building, planned by Architect Alessandro Fiorentino, it is possible to admire theme-based sections dedicated to the art technique in its historical evolution from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth century, to the more modern one of the Nineteenth century and, of course, to the present one.

The exhibition of works includes a route among objects for different purposes: pieces of furniture, fittings, but also drawings, prints and time photos and tools used by master artisans for the making of numerous inlaid masterpieces such as jewel boxes, cigar holders, frames, pictures and so much more.

The Museum is open every day:
10,00 a.m.- 1,00 p.m.; 3,00 p.m.-6,30 p.m. (October-June)
4,00 p.m.- 7,30 p.m. (July-September)
Closed on public holidays.

The entrance costs is almost 8 Euros.

You can book on the phone at the number 081-8771942.

Booking is compulsory for groups.

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