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Among the most beautiful isles of Gulf of Naples, Procida is lively and coloured. Its volcanic origin territory is characterized by low and sandy coasts or cliffs falling straight down to the sea. Most of its coast is situated within the Sea Protected Area ‘Regno di Nettuno’.

The archaeological finds show that the island was already inhabited around the XVI-XV century b.C. Under the Roman domination, Procida became a holiday place for Roman patricians as you can see from the numerous villas.

In the Middle Ages Procida was a refuge for people escaping from the Longobard invasions and became a village. The island reached its main splendour under the Bourbon domination, with flourishing navy and shipyard activities. But the shipyard sector will finish in the XX century and the last brigantine is launched in 1891. In the same century Procida’s economy goes definitively towards the tourism sector.

An enchanting place and favourite artists destination, Procida has been described in Giovenale, Statius and Virgil writings.

In his Decamerone Boccaccio set the 6th novel in Procida. Alphonse de La Martine wrote Graziella after a staying in Procida. But the most important book about Procida is L’isola di Arturo by Elsa Morante. In fact the island has dedicated a literary Prize to Elsa Morante.

Numerous films were shot in Procida, from Il Postino with Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret and Il Talento di Mr Ripley with Matt Demon.

Procida offers a tasty local gastronomy and recipes prepared with sea and earth products, in particular lemons and artichokes. Among the typical sweets we find the Casatiello Dolce, a Easter ring-shaped cake, and La Lingua, a puff pastry cake filled with cream and covered with sugar.

Procida is a holiday destination all year round. During the Easter time in particular it offers a magic atmosphere. As the other Campania places, Procida is famous for its folklore and religious Easter celebrations such as the Apostles Procession on Holy Thursday and the Procession of the Misteries on Good Friday.

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