Protected Marine Area Punta Campanella

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A protected marine area since December 1997, the Wildlife Reserve of Punta Campanella is one of the most suggestive marine parks in Italy. Having a remarkable landscape, naturalistic and historical value, the area includes the coastal stretch of the towns of Massa Lubrense, Positano, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’ Agnello, Sorrento and Vico Equense.

The Reserve of Punta Campanella was founded to protect and enhance a territory with peculiar biological and geomorphologic resources: interesting are its sea flora and fauna, but also the landscape offered by the coastal stretch of Campania, rich in archaeological evidences and ruins of Roman time.

Besides being a suggestive place with an unpolluted nature, the Park of Punta Campanella is rich in stories and legends involving it: first of all the mythological mermaids Homer deals with in the Odyssey.

In the crystal-clear waters of the park it is possible to make scuba diving, of course strictly regulated, or simply enjoy the splendour of the marine landscape by following a route on the numerous tourist boats.

Rich in history, legends, sea vegetation and historical Greek-Roman finds, the Marine Park of Punta Campanella is, thus, a real oasis to be visited during a relaxing holiday in Sorrento.

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