Sorrento Cathedral

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The cathedral of Sorrento is the church dedicated to St Filippo and Giacomo. It was probably built in the period of the Longobard occupation but little remains of its original architecture.

The cathedral safeguards preciuos pieces of art and valuable finds, like bas -relieves dating back to 1300 ascribed to Andrea Pisano.
The centrical layout church, with three separate naves and fourteen pillars, has a floral painted ceiling, made between the first and second decades of ‘700 by Francesco Francareccio.
Among important pieces of art, the palette named
“Virgin Mary between St John Baptist and St John Evangelist” by Silvestro Buono, located under the marble pulpit dating end of the’500 . In the right transept a table on a gold base is kept, this represents the birth of Jesus Christ.
Among the important paintings are the pictures by Oronzo Malinconico.

The entrance of the cathedral was completely rebuilt at the beginning of the’900, on its sides two big marble pillars showing the coat of arms of the Archibishop Brancaccio on their base.

In the Chapel of Blessed Sacrament is kept a wooden crucifix of the XV century, set on the altar with polichrome marbles with side little angels.
An eighteenth century organ by Nicola Mancino is in the seventh chapel on the right, while in the first chapel on the right, where the Baptismal font is, one can admire the depiction of the Sacrifice of Christ’s bBlood, dated 1522, on the side twelve tiles representing the Apostoles.
During the Christamas season in the cathedral it is also possble to contemplate a beautiful nativity scene following the Neapolitan school with original figurines from ‘700.

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