The pieces of pottery of Sorrento

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Typical of Amalfi Coast, the old craftsmanlike production of ceramics comes to life again also in Sorrento Coast.

Any kind of drawing and bright colours make Sorrento pieces of pottery precious objects to admire and, why not, to buy.

In the last few decades there has been, in fact, a remarkable flourishing of craftsmanship specialized in the production of decorated pieces of pottery.

The artistic processing of pottery is the fruit of an activity dating back to the 5th century B.C. The “Golden Age” of Sorrento ceramics, in the 19th century, coincides with the flourishing of the neighbouring Vietri ceramics: the works of naïf inspiration of this period are made with bright and sunny colours and particular and unique motives.

The works can be admired, commissioned and bought in the numerous shops of the old town centre of Sorrento.

It is possible to choose one’s own pieces of pottery among the so many shapes and the different colours of bottles, vases, pieces of furniture, kitchen tools and so much more.

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