The Sedile Dominova of Sorrento

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The seat “Sedile Dominova” lies in the old town centre of Sorrento, in the corner that Via San Cesareo forms with Tasso Square and owes its name to the Latin locution “domus nova” (new house). The seat, in fact, was built in the 14th century by a group of nobles and represents the only evidence remaining in the Region Campania of the ancient noble seats, places dedicated to meetings and discussions of nobles, mainly during the Middle Ages.

Having a square plant culminating in an open loggia with arcades, the Sedile Dominova of Sorrento keeps inside its vault wonderful frescos on which there is the stem of Sorrento held by a group of angels. In the dome the heraldic signs of the noble families belonging to the seat are represented. The dome is made with majolica tiles in the shape of yellow and green fish scales.

At present the Sedile Dominova houses the Circolo Sorrentino (a Sorrento Club), after turning, because of the abolition of seats, into a prison at first, then into a guard-house for the urban militia and finally into a meeting place of the Circolo Sorrentino.

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