Journey in the colours of Gennaro Sardella

The artist on permanent show at the Bellevue Syrene Hotel of Sorrento.

One of the sentences Gennaro Sardella loves repeating is that “We are made of many colours”. Of all those colours he masterly uses in his works.

Artist, master and great connoisseur of the human soul, of the contemporary man, immersed, or even, overwhelmed by the contradictions and in the conditionings of everyday life. A visionary and surrealistic poet, who depicts figures with long necks, sharpened tongues in an apparently confused, fairy-like, fanciful world.

A free painter, as he loves to define himself, who has chosen to entrust his art with an important message, a philosophy of life, a constant accusation of a conventional, standard, stereotyped world.

Works to be interpreted, able to talk, to communicate suffering, perplexity, worry about the individual’s present conditions of life, but that never forget that particular message of hope, of wish, of happiness often entrusted to the colour or to grotesque and comic images.

Gennaro Sardella, of Neapolitan origins, as a very young man, begins depicting that fanciful, fairy-like and surreal world which will characterize the atmosphere of almost all of his pictorial production. Since his adolescence he has been visiting the main Italian towns: a wondering suggested by an unsatisfiable thirst of knowledge and an unceasing curiosity for the world. In the Neapolitan period, exactly until 1975, he takes his artistic tie again with the painter Roberto Carignani, he improves painting techniques and meets important artists such as Giorgio De Chirico and Pietro Annigoni. His personal experiences, his Neapolitan being, rich in images with a strong symbolic value, the particularity and uniqueness of his paintings have outlined a route, not always in decline, which has brought the artist to be acknowledged as an important point of reference in the Neapolitan and national artistic panoramas. Over eighty exhibitions in Italy, successes of Italian and foreign public for one of the most interesting artists not only in the artistic panorama of Campania, but also in the national and international ones.