Egypt Pompeii

egitto-pompei-1A show that explains the connections, the influences, the contaminations that have tied the two great civilisations of the Mediterranean since the ancient times.
From Turin to Pompeii to Naples, a show divided into three locations investigates the relationship between the Greek-Roman arts highlighting the recurring iconographic patterns tied with Egyptian religion themes recognisable in frescoes, pottery, sculptures from the Vesuvius area. From the Aegyptiaca, the widespread talismans in Campania since the 8th Century B.C. when Pompeii wasn’t a city yet, to the cult of Isis and the Egyptian fashion which spread after the conquests of Alexander the Great and then the Roman fashion, present in the furniture and decorative patterns in the most important homes, artefacts; cults and rituals have travelled through the sea for centuries to join the two coasts of the Mediterranean.
The setting inside the Palestra Grande in Pompeii is particularly suggestive with its granite monoliths with their lion head from the goddess Sekhmet and the statue of the pharaoh Thutmosis III, that belong in the permanent collection of the Turin Egyptian Museum, accompanied by an interesting video installation, a narrative table for synchronised pictures with the title Isis in Pompeii, tales from the sand.
Inside the archaeological site an Egyptian itinerary starts from the temple of Isis and goes through the series of Roman Domus that have Egyptian decorative elements.
The conclusion of the project will be celebrated on the reopening, on October 8th, of the Egyptian Collection of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, with the exposition of over 1,200 artworks that make the Neapolitan collection one of the most important Egyptian collections in Italy.
Pompeii’s Archaeological Site
Open every day
From April 20th to October 31st from 9 am to 7.30 pm (last entry at 7 pm)
November 1st and 2nd from 8.30 am to 5 pm (last entry at 3.30 pm)
Ticket cost: 13 euros, reduced: 7,50 euros
National Archaeological Museum of Naples
Egypt Naples. Oriental cults in Campania from June 28th
Egypt Naples, Egyptian collection from October 8th
Open every day from 9 am to 7.30 pm (last entry at 7 pm)
Closed on Tuesdays and on May 1st
Ticket cost: 13 euros, reduced 9 euros

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