Past, present and future wines from Campania


The grape harvest of 2015 seems to be a promising crop and it represents the ideal occasion to rediscover regional and national wines.
The picture of September is that of a fading summer which leads into autumn with its typical fragrances, such as ripe grapes. This is the time of the year where producers need to assess the productivity of the season and this year all of the Italian regions seem to meet expectations, especially Campania.
In celebrating the tradition of the great wines of Campania it should be remembered that in this region winemaking has ancient origins which trace back to the Greek colonization, as a matter of fact it is no accident that the name Aglianico, one of Campania’s most famous wines, seems to come from the word Ellenico. The Roman age was the peak moment for regional viticulture, with well-known wines which were savored all across the Empire, among which the renowned Falerno.
Over the centuries winemakers in Campania continued to produce, with its ups and downs, wines such as Fiano, Asprinio, Greco, Lagrima, Falanghina and Taurasi. What makes wine production in Campania so unique and full of DOC and DOCG areas is the almost exclusive use of local grapes which confer to the regional wines a strong personality. The region of Irpinia in the province of Avellino is notable for its production of famous wines such as Aglianico, Taurasi, Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino, while the Vesuvius area is famous for the renowned Lacryma Christi. The province of Caserta and the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida also have an original and remarkable wine production.
The wine cellar of Bellevue Syrene is rich in national and foreign wines and loves to appraise the ones from Campania in every way possible; wines that become the story of a generous and varied land, in history, tradition, colours and flavours. From the 3rd to the 5th of October, Sorrento hosts a highly anticipated event which has reached its 35th edition:  the grape festival in the village of Priora. It is a not-to-be missed appointment with Sorrento’s wines and foods and an occasion to learn more about the techniques and traditional instruments of the grape harvest in the Peninsula.
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