Pane, Amore e… Sorrento

Sorrento and seventh art. A fitting union.
Sorrento owes its worldwide fame to a number of reasons: its ancient history strongly tied with élite tourism and its historical villas, the beauty of the charming, yet wild, landscape, with its rocky shore, dwelling place of the Mermaids, with their charming, yet dangerous, voice, its typical products such as citrus fruits, walnuts, olive oil and tomatoes which enhance the emblematic Mediterranean diet.
It is undeniable that the contributions made in different times by famous, or not, film directors and actors, who have chosen the town as their filming location, have immortalized Sorrento in the collective imagination, sometimes with authentic landmarks in the history of film.
It is the case of the well-known Scandal in Sorrento (Pane, amore e…) by Dino Risi, starring Vittorio de Sica and Sophia Loren, who filmed some of the most famous scenes of the movie in Marina Grande, the main beach in Sorrento located in the ancient fisherman village. Among the many Italian movies one worth of mention is Decameron by Pierpaolo Pasolini, filmed in 1970 in various locations of Italy, in particular of Campania, such as Naples, Ravello and the Sorrento Coast.
The charm of Sorrento has also attracted international film makers and cinematographers, such as the 2012 Danish movie Love is all you need by Academy Award-winning Susanne Bier, starring Pierce Brosnan, which is set in Italy and allows viewers to glimpse some of the most fascinating views of Sorrento, in particular the Sedil Dominova, the ancient loggia in which noble citizens reunited in assembly, an authentic jewel from medieval times. From her experience as a filmmaker in the Land of the Mermaids, Bier stated: “The film is the celebration of love, and Sorrento is the most romantic city in the world.”

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