Between myth and nature

mito e natura
From Greece to Pompeii, nature seen by the classical world: the landscape represented, modified, and idealized. At Naples’ Museo Archeologico Nazionale until September 30th,2016
After the show’s success in Milan, Mito e Natura, the show that investigates the relationship between nature and ancient people, from the art to build gardens to the frescoed landscapes to enhance the Pompeian homes, arrives in Naples too, in the Sala della Meridiana of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Over 100 archaeological findings take part in this story that unravels through themed itineraries: the landscape, the enchanted garden, the cultivated nature as a gift from the gods, the space of nature, nature as a sign, and still life.

A permanent bond that represents the roots of the Mediterranean culture and at the same time a dynamic and evolving relationship between man and nature, in a continuous exchange and development, a very present issue that provides a number of thinking points on our present and our relationship with the environment.

National Archaeological Museum of Naples
Open every day from 9 am to 7.30 pm (last entry at 7 pm)
closed on Tuesdays
Ticket cost: 13 euros, reduced: 9 euros

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