Sorrento walnuts

The deep knowledge of places, its traditions and culture also pass through the discovery of it’s local products.
The presence of the walnut trees in Campania dates back to ancient times: findings in Pompeii and Herculaneum show people knew this plant since the first century A.C.
Thanks to the particular climate and geological factors, the production of walnuts in Campania has flourished and become well known: among the most prestigious variety we find the Cultivar Sorrento, typical of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Sorrento Walnuts come in two different shapes: one is oblong and slightly pointed, the other round and small. The two types are different only in the shape but they are similar in their organic structure. The kernel is a delicious fruit in both types and it is in a cream colour normally slightly oily and easy to take out.
Cultivations of the walnut trees in Campania, in the last few years, have been moved to the Nolano-Palmese-Sarnese, Flegrea and in the Nola and Vesuvius areas.

The fruit is picked in summer, from June to September. The walnuts, not yet ripe, are picked and used to make the famous Nocino, a digestive liqueur of the Sorrentine Peninsula.