The Pastiera Napoletana


short pastry 500 gr.

Confetioners Cream 300gr.

Ricotta (cottage cheese) 500 gr.

Sugar 500 gr.

Cooked grain 500 gr.

Butter 50 gr.

5 Eggs

Milk 200gr.

Candied fruit 50 gr.

½ Orange blossom phial

½ Cinnamon sachet

Boil together the butterm the milk, the grain and 250 gr. of sugar. Let it cool down.

Put the ricotta, the eggs, 250 gr. of sugar, the flavourings, the candied fruit and the cream in another container and add the ingredients you have already boiled.

After mixing, put the short pastry in a mould and fill it with the ingredients. Leave a little short pastry to do some strips to decorate the cake.

Cook the cake in oven (180°) for 45 minutes. Let it cool down and cover it with icing sugar.