Romantic Sorrento

ja6a0668_cbc648b6e3f2c1c9a3ed5d6f9b188b17The sweet climate, the colours of the Mediterranean, a welcoming, yet wild nature. A fable-like location for an unforgettable holiday for two.

The brilliant colours that glimmer in the morning sun, the sparkling reflections of the golden sea at sunset with its fiery red sky, the silhouette of the Sorrento coast lightened up by a thousand lights in the evening. Then the alleyways, the small roads, the piazzas with their tables, handmade ice-creams, and the typical slush made with the scented Sorrento lemons, the docks with the fishing boats loaded with their precious catch.
The smiles of the people, the popular songs which tell ancient stories that still make people’s hearts beat, and the benches in front of the terrace that face the whole Gulf of Naples with its many treasures to discover.
It’s not a postcard; it is Sorrento, the city of beauty, of culture, of love.
In such suggestive scenery, Bellevue Syrene represents a destination in itself.
Each one of the hotel’s suites has a soul and a personality that distinguishes them from all of the others. The imperial style of the Pompeian suite, the finesse of the De La Syrene suite, with its vault ceiling, embellished by its plaster low reliefs, the passionate and seducing atmosphere of La Roccia, with its hydro massage pool, carved in an ancient Roman cave.
But the most romantic one is certainly the Lord Astor suite; ample, luminous, and elegant, in which Bellevue’s ancient collection pieces fit perfectly with more modern designs. With a wonderful sea-facing 30 square-metre terrace with a Jacuzzi, it is the perfect gift to make our loved ones happy.

Queen Giovanna baths

bagni-regina-giovanna (1)For those who love archaeological and naturalistic trekking and for those who feel the deep charm of pristine landscape, a magical place that made youlose your head even if you’re a queen.
A route suitable for everyone, a smooth path that offers, in exchange for a short walk, an exciting experience in one of the most attractive views of the Sorrento Peninsula.
The legend has it that a sensual Joan of Anjou, Queen of Naples, loved to swim in this small lagoon accompanied by her lovers. Although historically unlikely, the idea is so interesting that deeply catch the fancy of the people who linked forever to this bay the Queen Giovanna’s name.
By the Capo of Sorrento, through a walk of about ten minutes, you arrive on a limestone cliff and the eyes open on a breathtaking view across the Bay of Naples, Ischia and Procida. A staircase leads up to the small lagoon, one shallow-water mirror connected to the sea by a natural arch. The wild nature of Mediterranean scrub, with spurts from the rocks yellow broom, buy the eternal taste of history with the ruins of the Roman Villa of Pollio Felice lying on the cliff. The remains tell of great attraction that the coast had on the Roman aristocracy. Here they loved building of luxurious villas of leisure who had the dual function of summer residences and farms. The Sorrento wine was already renowned in antiquity.

Pane, Amore e… Sorrento

Sorrento and seventh art. A fitting union.
Sorrento owes its worldwide fame to a number of reasons: its ancient history strongly tied with élite tourism and its historical villas, the beauty of the charming, yet wild, landscape, with its rocky shore, dwelling place of the Mermaids, with their charming, yet dangerous, voice, its typical products such as citrus fruits, walnuts, olive oil and tomatoes which enhance the emblematic Mediterranean diet.
It is undeniable that the contributions made in different times by famous, or not, film directors and actors, who have chosen the town as their filming location, have immortalized Sorrento in the collective imagination, sometimes with authentic landmarks in the history of film.
It is the case of the well-known Scandal in Sorrento (Pane, amore e…) by Dino Risi, starring Vittorio de Sica and Sophia Loren, who filmed some of the most famous scenes of the movie in Marina Grande, the main beach in Sorrento located in the ancient fisherman village. Among the many Italian movies one worth of mention is Decameron by Pierpaolo Pasolini, filmed in 1970 in various locations of Italy, in particular of Campania, such as Naples, Ravello and the Sorrento Coast.
The charm of Sorrento has also attracted international film makers and cinematographers, such as the 2012 Danish movie Love is all you need by Academy Award-winning Susanne Bier, starring Pierce Brosnan, which is set in Italy and allows viewers to glimpse some of the most fascinating views of Sorrento, in particular the Sedil Dominova, the ancient loggia in which noble citizens reunited in assembly, an authentic jewel from medieval times. From her experience as a filmmaker in the Land of the Mermaids, Bier stated: “The film is the celebration of love, and Sorrento is the most romantic city in the world.”