Sorrento to drink

The exuberant and intense flavour of the land of Mermaids contained in a sip of vitality.

A terrace overlooking the sea, the sun setting over the horizon, the colours of nature that surround the view and fill the air with delicate scents. At Bellevue Syrene everything seems to create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening. Yet there is still something missing in this charming picture… Two clinking wine glasses to emphasize, with the sound of important evenings, a moment to remember. Instead of the classic sparkle, we offer you our signature cocktail.

Spritz Bellevue Syrene

It has a German name, but in the version created by the hotel bartender, this long drink definitely speaks Italian.
Prosecco and Angostura represent the perfect union between Italy and the Caribbean, where the mysterious bitter is produced, whose recipe is a secret, but seems to be made from the extract of over 40 spices and fruits.

Orange and Limoncello
are the flavours and scents of Sorrento, the yellow and orange of the Mediterranean sun.
And it is precisely at these latitudes that the tastiest mixes are created of a drink that was born in Austria by mixing wine, sparkling water and bitter, and can be interpreted in so many different and interesting ways.
An unusual and appealing way to discover the excellence of the land, namely the citrus fruits, from which the famous limoncello liqueur is made and is now an ambassador of Sorrento in the world.

Art in the most beautiful historical residence in Sorrento

A Roman villa which gave hospitality to Emperor Augustus in exile. These are the ancient origins of the villa which today houses one of the most exclusive hotels in Sorrento. The building of the villa was commissioned in 1750 by the earls Mastrobuono who chose this enchanting spot on the Gulf of Sorrento to spend their Summer stays. Its transformation into hotel occurred in 1820: 30 cosy rooms to enjoy unforgettable and relaxing stays. It was chosen as a residence by important personages as Louis II of Bayern, Eugenia Empress of France to whom a wonderful fresco, still admirable today in one of the Suites, was dedicated, the Spanish minister Emilio Castelar , the woman writer Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe and Ivan Turgenev. Or also the French poet De Lamartine, the King of Greece Victor Emmanuel III, the married dukes of Aosta, the Russian poet Jorge , Marguerite Yourcenar who, while being a guest of the hotel, wrote “ The finishing stroke”.
Between 1905 and 1907 the Villa Pompeiana, an almost perfect copy of the house of the Vettis in Pompeii, was built. Its construction was commissioned by William Waldorf Astor, with the intention of recreating an atmosphere to live through the splendours of the Ancient Rome.

The hotel has been recently fully renovated by the well-known architect De Luca. Under the numerical point of view, it has undergone an inversion: its 70 rooms have become 50. And the philosophy of hospitality has changed: the hotel has become a cosy residence, a place where to recover domestic warmth, while immersed in the beauty of a place rich in history and art and which has a breathtaking sight. The Bellevue has been in fact conceived as a sort of cosy revival of the house, not only a place where to recover from long walks and excursions across Sorrento, but also a residence to be lived and discovered.
The villa houses, in fact, common places, finely furnished, where, besides having a drink, listening to good music or reading a good book, it is possible to admire works of art on show by local artists. Guests can admire paintings, period pieces of furniture, sculptures and pieces of pottery, thus coming into contact not only with natural and landscape beauties, monuments, churches, but also with art, an expression of the culture of the place, symbol of the society which lives in a certain territory.
A guest who, therefore, besides visiting a place, will be able to know and discover its soul.
The Bellevue Syrene hotel, strong in its philosophy, offers not only welcome, but also proposes itself as a source of knowledge of the Sorrento culture and that of Campania in general. A museum house, where to be able to admire, without charge or any disturb, works such as the surreal paintings of the Neapolitan Gennaro Sardellla, sculptures of the designer Roberto Dalisi or the splendid works of the artist from Avellino Paolo Sandulli.