Sorrento Cathedral Nativity

The Napoletan nativity at the Cathedral in Sorrento, is a permanent exhibition but can only be viewed during the Christmas period.

It can be found in the area adjacent to the vestry and is famous for the numerous reproductions of shepherders (inspired by the Napoletan shepherders of the ‘700’s).

Protected by the rules of the art of Napoletan Nativity making, the nativity scene found at the Cathedral in Sorrento is composed of enchanting scenes representing the Nativity, the Shepherd’s Announcement and the traditional manger.

Wood, cork, papier mache and plastic, and plays of light faithfully bring to life religious and daily-life scenes considered to be museum reconstructions of rural and pastoral civilizations.

The most precious nativity, donated by the poet Saltovar, was stolen following the earthquake of 1980. It has been reassembled though and crafted by Antonino and Giuseppe Parlato and is the result of the passion and hard work of many, amongst who have been the parish priest, Don Luigi Di Prisco and his predecessors.