Marc Chagall in Sorrento

The “Colori dell’Anima”, the colours of the soul, on display at Villa Fiorentino, in collaboration with the Imago Art Gallery of Lugano.
From oil on canvas to gouache on paper, colored pencil drawings on china ink on masonite, Chagall’s dreamlike and enchanting world in 120 pictorial and graphic works, including three lithographic and etching cycles, as well as suggestive stained church glass windows shown through a dedicated multimedia space.
Master of the European avant-garde, born in Belarus from Jewish descent, then naturalized French, escaped from the Nazi raids through the escape of 1941, Chagall has an intense and tormented life, but in his works the brilliant colors, the simplicity, the immediacy of the tale, they transmit joy and positivity while still maintaining a close bond with the elements that characterize his biography.

The heart of the exhibition hosted at the Sorrento Foundation are four works of particular value:
The cruche aux fleurs, oil on canvas of 1925, floral pattern emblem that accompanies for years the artist’s production, and Russian village, oil on canvas of 1929, homage to his birthplace. And then Le Coq Violet, dating from 1966 to 1972, oil, gouache and china ink on canvas, and L’homme rouge à la casquette, made in 1976, oil and gouache on canvas, mature and representative works of the master’s poetic.

The exhibition, inaugurated on July 15th, which is moving around the usual Sorrentine appointments with the great masters of the art, and which is gaining considerable success, will last until 15 November 2017.
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Sorrento Hospitality

A longed-for tourist destination of the Grand Tour, Sorrento is one of the resorts in Campania which, every year, draws millions of visitors from all over the world.

Lying in the Gulf of Naples, Sorrento offers all those who stay there numerous enchanting attractions: natural beauties and breathtaking views, a series of religious buildings and historical homes but also a mild climate and a delicious wine-gastronomy.

Rich is also its calendar of ancient folkloristic traditions: events and shows follow each other throughout the year. Suggestive and magical are the two periods of Easter and Christmas, lively and rich in dates is Sorrento summer and not to be missed is also St. Antonino’s Patronal Festival (February 14th).

Besides natural and cultural itineraries, Sorrento is well-known also for its warm hospitality the town reserves to its visitors. Having a strong tourist calling for such a long time, in fact, Sorrento has arranged its hospitality in an exceptional way. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, relais, holiday-houses but also restaurants, bars, cafeterias and all those services making a holiday in Sorrento unforgettable.

Welcoming in Sorrento is a real art: visitors are reserved particular care and attentions thanks to a real culture of hospitality grown in Sorrento people.