Sorrento Tomatoes

Besides lemons, walnuts and olives among its delicious typical products, Sorrento can also boast Tomatoes.

Big, of irregular shape and somewhat round, Sorrento Tomatoes have a very delicate flavour and are to be eaten raw to be able to taste their sweetness and compactness. Coming from the tomato called “Cuore di Bue”, the Sorrento Tomato owes its success to the “Caprese”, the salad in which it is the main ingredient, together with mozzarella fiordilatte cheese, with basil and extra-virgin olive oil.

According to tradition, the cultivation of the Sorrento tomato takes place in the hilly area of Sorrento, in the stretch of territory between Piano di Sorrento and Sant’ Agnello.

According to other sources, instead, the cultivation of the Sorrento Tomato dates back to the twentieth century, when its seed was imported by some ship-owners from Sorrento.