The Sorrento Orange

The Sorrento Peninsula, and Sorrento in particolar ,is noted for its citrus production. The cultivation of oranges and lemons has ancient traditions and represents centuries of principal economic resources for the territory. The famed citrus from the peninsula are in fact exported to the major Italian markets and to the rest of Europe.
The Sorrento orange, like the famous lemon, are cultivated according to the traditional way of protecting the plants from the wind and the cold using a wooden scaffolding system – usually chestnut wood is used – with a height of 7 metres and a pergola-cover of straw.
Growing the fruit under these pergola’s gives the product a particolar uniqueness, a particolar maturation, that allows the fruit to be sold throughout the different seasons and therefore has earned a wide respect in comparison to other Italian citrus products.
The production along the Sorrento Peninsula see’s principally two ecotypes of tree: The Sorrento Yellow and the Equense Yellow.
Both types of plant have a vigorous growth and reach a height of 7 metres. The fruit they produce have an intense yellow-orange colour with a peel of medium thickness. The Sorrento oranges reveal numerous sections rich with seeds which give a generous amount of sweet juice.
The harvesting period for the Sorrento orange is done in the period from May to August. Like the lemon, the orange is also used as a base for a delicious liqueur and is noted as one of the typical local products.