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Club Lounge


“Every moment is perfect of a tasty treat”

We like to offer an exclusive complimentary service which allows having a snack before lunch or dinner, in those moments during the day in which we crave for something sweet or salted without spoiling our appetite for the main meal- Every day our Guests will find a tasty variety of excellent local products arranged in an inviting and original way.


10.00 / 12.00

Morning people love to have breakfast early and sometimes crave for a sweet snack midmorning; people who like to sleep in aren’t always on time for breakfast… In either case, at the Lounge Club there is always a table set with croissants, pastry, cakes, water, juices and drinks.


12.00 / 15.00

For those who enjoy a small snack before lunch and for those who prefer not to eat munch until dinner, at the Club Lounge a light meal is always ready: pasta or rice salad, mozzarella cheese cherries, tomatoes, cold cut meats, cheese, olives to go with a nice glass of wine or Prosecco.


15.00 / 18.00

At the Club Lounge cream cakes, pies, plum cakes, Caprese cake, beverages and soft drinks become a pleasant break between lunch and dinner.


18.00 / 21.00

The aperitif is always one of the most pleasant moments of the day. At the Club Lounge the tasty aperitif consists of canapés, olives, cold cut meats and cheeses, soft drinks, Prosecco, wine and also gin, Campari, aperol, whiskey, vodka and Bacardi.

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