Over 200 years
of history

A jewel of hospitality with a glorious past

Roman origins

The Hotel Bellevue Syrene stands on the foundations of an ancient Roman villa dating back to the 2nd century BC. Vestiges of the period, such as the tufa cisterns and nymphaea, are still visible and perfectly integrated into the structure, testifying to the glorious past of this place.

The transformation into a hotel in 1820

In 1750, the area housed the summer residence of the Counts Mastrobuono. In 1820, the mansion was converted into a small, cosy hotel, relying on the presence of the ancient ruins as an element of uniqueness. The 17th century frescoes that decorated part of the building were also restored.

Lord Astor's intervention

Between 1905 and 1907, the charming English collector William Waldorf Astor, enraptured by the beauty of the place, had a faithful reproduction of Pompeii's House of the Vettii built inside the hotel.

Our family's purchase and renovation

In 1995, the hotel was bought by our family, long-standing hoteliers from Sorrento. While updating some aspects, we have managed to skilfully preserve the charm and historical-artistic heritage of Bellevue Syrene, harmoniously blending old and new.

200 years of illustrious hospitality

During its 200 years of operation, the Bellevue Syrene has welcomed many famous guests including royalty, politicians, intellectuals and artists. Among the most famous names: Louis II of Bavaria, Empress Eugenie of France, the writer Ivan Turgenev, King Paul of Greece, King Victor Emmanuel III with Queen Helena, and the writer Marguerite Yourcenar, who composed 'The Coup de Grace' here in 1938.

A hotel between history and legend

Today, the Bellevue Syrene continues to fascinate its guests not only because of its splendid location in the heart of Sorrento, overlooking the Gulf of Naples, but above all because of its atmosphere steeped in history and legends. The magic of the myth of the Sirens and the echoes of an illustrious past are breathed into every room, making your stay a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

A story of passion handed down through generations

We devote ourselves with passion and dedication to offer our guests a memorable stay experience. Our love of hospitality and attention to detail are reflected in every corner of the Bellevue Syrene, creating a cosy and refined atmosphere that pays homage to the unparalleled beauty of Sorrento and our beautiful region.

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