Private beach The ravishing lure of the sirens

The scent of the sea, the song of the waves breaking on the rocks, a timeless beauty which never stops charming with its magic

Bellevue Syrene offers its guests access to the hotel’s private solarium so to enjoy the sea and the sun of Sorrento which bewitches visitors from all over the world. By lift or by crossing the suggestive roman pedestrian passageway carved out in the caves, guests can use comfortable tanning beds and parasols to relax after a swim or some healthy sunbathing.

From the beach, guests can admire the magnificent nymphaea, ancient Roman ruins that testify to the rich history of this land. Nymphaea were places dedicated to the worship of nymphs, deities of water and nature, and were often built in caves or near springs. These fascinating archaeological remains, visible from the Bellevue Syrene beach, add a touch of magic and mystery to the experience of relaxing on the Sorrento coast.

The beach is accessible for its guests
from 1/05 to 30/09
from 9:00 to 17:30

  • Reach it in 5 minutes on foot along an impressive cave path or comfortably by lift
  • Sunbeds and parasols

A path
carved into the rock
with the surprise of a dip in the blue

The ancient Roman walkway that directly connects the hotel to the beach below is a fascinating path carved into the rock, leading to the sea, in an atmosphere steeped in mystery and suggestion. This unique passageway, guardian of centuries of history, enriches the experience at Bellevue Syrene with a touch of magic and authenticity, blending the charm of the past with the enchanting beauty of the Sorrento sea.

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