The ravishing
lure of the


“The scent of the sea, the song of the waves breaking on the rocks, a timeless beauty which never stops charming with its magic”

Bellevue Syrene offers its guests access to the hotel’s private solarium so to enjoy the sea and the sun of Sorrento which bewitches visitors from all over the world. By lift or by crossing the suggestive roman pedestrian passageway carved out in the caves, guests can use comfortable tanning beds and parasols to relax after a swim or some healthy sunbathing.

The beach is accessible for its guests from 9:00 to 17:30.

“Today like yesterday, the Mermaids’ song, dwellers of the sea, exerts its spell on travellers, which once arrived in this land, will not forget it”

An oasis of wellbeing
for purely relaxing moments.


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