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Maître de maison

Bellevue Syrene has been my family for 23 years; it is a place where people live wonderful and unforgettable experiences. For me Bellevue is the home of the soul.

I’ve always worked in hotels, from administration to front desk, and I immediately understood that this is what I wanted to do in life. Working in a hotel like this one means to see the world going through these rooms, guests coming from every country and give you something about their cultures and ways of life. Whoever comes at Bellevue will find a place where maximum comfort and well-being meet each other with a warming welcome, where human relationships are important, a place to feel at ease like your own home. A place to feel nostalgic about when you go back to your own life.

Nello Pane



My mission here at Bellevue Syrene is the perfect organization of breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the special events.

I’ve been at Bellevue Syrene for more than thirty years and in all this time I’ve always done my best, but I’ve also received a lot from the relationship with the wonderful guests I’ve met. I’ve been a professional sommelier since 1997. I’ve started to love wines after being struck by the Tinganello, which is a wine from Tuscany, but I like to recommend local excellence brands which transmit the true identity and values of this place. I have a predilection for the Serpico Feudi of Saint Gregorio, the Vigna Piancastelli of Terre del Principe and the Gillo Flores of San Salvatore. I’ve also been fascinated by the world of oil and water, two very important elements in the restaurant business, which encouraged me to know more about them.

Gaspare Gargiulo


Front Desk and Hospitality

I want guests to have a fully satisfying experience in the hotel and to discover the most fascinating aspects of Sorrento and its surroundings.

I’ve been working for ten years in this sector, which is also my passion, which it then led me to earn a degree in tourism economy. I love to travel, seeking different destinations, discovering new wine and food concepts, knowing about unusual and less known aspects of the place I live. For this reason when I’m engaged with the guests of the Bellevue I try to give my best so that their stay in hotel is perfect, and at the same time my wandering nature helps me to understand all their needs, to satisfy their demands in every possible way, “from the needle to the elephant”.

Francesco Esposito


Front desk and hospitality.

It’s wonderful when people share with you a piece of their story and then come back and ask how are you.

I’ve been part of the Bellevue Syrene staff for fifteen years also thanks to my smile, says my boss. Genuinely smiling to guests is the first step to establish a long lasting and trustworthy relationship, to make them really feel welcome and make sure that their stay in Sorrento will give them unforgettable memories, different from all the other places they visited and will visit.

Paola Di Guida


Front desk and hospitality

I love to think that the stay at the Bellevue is a magical experience for our guests since their arrival at the hotel.

I’ve been doing this job for twenty years and in this time it has given me many satisfactions. People say I’m mostly cheerful, which is an essential quality if you’re working with other people. It is fundamental for me to establish a trust relationship with the guests, for which the stay at the Bellevue must be the beginning of a magical experience since their arrival at the hotel. For this reason i try to grant all their wishes, like the time they asked us to find a private jet for a quick visit in Barcelona. Mission accomplished.

Anita Vinaccia


Reservation Desk

I like to be rigorous in my job but at the same time talk to the heart of people.

I’ve spent all my life in the hotel, since the times of my grandfather, when reservations were written on wooden blackboards and letters where made of paper and ink. Even though computer technology made life easier, the experience I acquired during these many years is fundamental to face with the challenges that come with dealing with customers. Human relationships are wonderful and complex, and that’s why I love to be meticulous in my job and at the same time give all my heart to make people understand the meaning of the welcoming philosophy of the Bellevue since the very first time.

Giovanna Russo


First Barman

When you feel good in the place where you work your passion and enthusiasm is renewed every day.

I have the passion for this job in my blood; I inherited it from my father and shared it with my brothers. I started to be a barman in 1982 in Sorrento and I’ve been here at Bellevue Syrene since 1991. Some of us, like the maître and the director, grew up here so at Bellevue we feel like a family. It’s thrilling to work in a welcoming and relaxed context, with colleagues on the same wavelength.

Mariano Romano


Second barman

I like to be a point of reference for the guests and advise them about the most interesting events that take place here.

I discovered my passion by chance, thanks to the acquaintance with the Russo family for which I’ve been working for fifteen years. I started as a concierge where I learnt the art of welcoming, which is also important for a barman. To do my job as best as possible I obtained the AIBES qualification and, most of all, I travelled a lot to learn languages so that I can relate to different people.

Manlio Del Pizzo



It is very important to me to be empathic with the people I relate with.

Before finding my way I tried various roles here at Bellevue, but I soon found that my passion and what I’m best at is being a barman, for which I studied until I achieved the prestigious AIBES qualification. What I like about my job is being in contact with people, creating enduring human relationships and take care of every detail to make feel special and unique the person I have in front of me.

Antonino Cacace


Guest Care

To be greeted by kind and available staff is the best way to begin your holiday in Sorrento.

I am a discreet and friendly person, and I think it is the perfect way to be for my job. I like that the Guests who arrive at Bellevue Syrene feel immediately welcome and that they are about to live a pleasant experience right from the start.

Luigi D'amora


Guest Care

I think that the most important quality for people like me who work in a hotel are courtesy and maximum attention for the Guests.

I’ve been working at Bellevue Syrene for over fifteen years. To give the first welcome to the guests is very important and by greeting them with a simile means to let their trip in this rich and beautiful land start in the best way possible.

Aniello Donnarumma

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