EXPO 2015: Campania is the main character of the Made in Italy section

domus vini
EXPO does Campania “felix” justice, among Mediterranean Diet, pizza and DOC wines.
It is known that the Mediterranean Diet, World Heritage acknowledged by UNESCO, is the best dietary regime for man since it better preserves health. A variety of flavours, scents, colours which are healty and contribute to good mood. A perfect synthesis of all these qualities, a symbol itself of Campania and of all Italy is pizza, made with few and simple, but genuine and quality, ingredients transformed by the skilful hands of a pizza chef for a feast of all senses.
The importance of this dish in the national gastronomic tradition is celebrate at Milan’s Expo in a giant cooking show that on June 20th saw 80 components of the Italian National pizza chef team in the realization of a world-record sized Margherita pizza 1.5 km long. The pizza has been offered to 30.000 visitors and 300 metres were donated to Milan’s Banco Alimentare.
Campania does justice for itself also in the wine section of the Expo, inside the Domus vini, at the ground floor of the VINO – A Taste of Italy pavilion. Here, all the phases of wine production can be observed and the best vine varieties are praised, 19 of which are from Campania.
Among the wines of Campania the Sorrento peninsula has a relevant position for the goodness of its products of excellence, such as olive oil, tomatoes, dairy products, and ancient traditional wines such as the ones from Gragnano, Lettere and Sorrento doc.
Local cuisine, such as the one at Bellevue Syrene, although open to contemporary contaminations and tendencies, it preserves the identity of the Sorrento territory, a world-wide symbol of beauty, culture and happiness.

The lemons of Sorrento and the inimitable Limoncello


The distinctive product of the Amalfi Coast, a real made in Sorrento nectar of the gods.
Yellow as the sun, fragrant, juicy, main character of the Sorrento landscape and of the Amalfi coast gastronomy, the lemon “femminiello”, also called oval lemon for its shape is one of the most typical world-known products of this area. Rich in vitamin C is also extremely versatile in the kitchen where it can enhance every traditional dish. It can be found in almost every garden of the peninsula, along with the oranges, another precious fruit of the land of Mermaids.
The lemon of Sorrento may be used in many ways but the most popular one is definitely the Limoncello. It should be mentioned that there isn’t only one recipe for this delicious liqueur, and in the Sorrento peninsula every family has their own doses and proportions among water, alcohol, and sugar. Here’s our version of the recipe for who wants to try and prepare their own home-made Limoncello, with no fear of being immodest we can claim that an excellent result is guaranteed.
If you want to bring a friend a special cadeau from Sorrento , in Hotel you can find a space dedicated to the exhibition and sale of a great Limoncello of Sorrento Peninsula .
• 1 l of pure alcohol
• 1 l of water
• 500 g of sugar
• 8-10 Sorrento lemons
Wash and peel the lemons being careful only to cut the yellow part of the skin, since the white one tends to be bitter. Cut the skin in fillet-shaped pieces and put them to infuse with the alcohol in a sealed container for three days. Then put the water and the sugar in a pan and make them boil until the sugar is completely dissolved (it takes around 8-10 minutes). Once the obtained syrup has cooled, thoroughly mix it with the alcohol, then filter and bottle it. If you can’t resist you may try it at this point, but it would be best to wait a few days.