Dante’s Hell in the Paradise of Sorrento


In Sorrento, an extraordinary event on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s Birth.
The Villa Comunale of Sorrento hosts until August 31 the exhibition entitled “Dante’s Hell in the Paradise of Sorrento“: 18 marble panels in high relief made by Benedetto Robazza with a sensitivity and philological precision that impressed the greatest Dantists . It’s a poignant work of great emotional impact, which reflect all the conflicts and torments of the human soul. Another major initiative sponsored by the Sorrento Foundation, another great event not to be missed in the enchanting Land of the Sirens.

Benedetto Robazza was born in Rome in 1934 and his childhood was not the easiest. Soon lost his father and older brother, and alone with his mother it has to exploit all its skills to survive. But Benedetto has more than one talent: from how to model with the wax, with which he produces the nativity figures to be resold in Piazza Navona, to the art of drawing, which leads him to paint landscapes and small portraits to get by. Since then, Master Robazza lived a life full of events, meetings, travel, changes, which led him to create large public works but also portraits of kings, presidents, Nobel prize winners and film stars, and finally heart wrenching sacre