slide-maioliche-vietresiThe ancient artistic craftsmanship of the Amalfi coast brilliantly wins the challenge of the global market, reinventing tradition.

Vietri sul Mare, located in the north of Salerno, is the first town of the Amalfi Coast. Its history is deeply tied to the centuries-old art tradition of pottery, which has evolved technique since the 14th century, maintaining intact all of its original chromatic features, made of shiny colours contrasting each other, without undertones or shades. The main elements of this worshipped item are the geometric motifs, the themes of Mediterranean nature with countryside animals and marine fauna and genre scenes.
The building established in the 50s by the architect Paolo Soleri from Turin has been since then a symbol of the Vietri craftsmanship with its façade covered with unpolished vases along with others covered with green varnish. The building, which hosts the Solimene factory, has been recognized since 2005 as a monument and protected by the local superintendence.
Tiles, floorings and kitchen pottery are classic items of the ceramics of Vietri and are cherished and loved all over the world from personalities such as Richard Gere and Bill Clinton; they have appeared in dozens of films for TV and cinema. Among them, Paolo Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza winner for best foreign language film at the 2014 Academy Awards.
Not to be missed are also the contemporary line-ups, with its more flexible approach, which contribute to making the Vietri craftsmanship an art form with full rights.

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