When food becomes experience

chef_2Between comfort and fine dining, a taste of good taste at Bellevue Syrene.

The style of Bellevue Syrene is composed by two trends which are apparently opposed to each other, but instead contribute to create that sense of originality which makes the hotel unique in its own way on a national and international scale: on one side there’s a strong connection with ancient history which gave birth to the building itself; in fact it was a Roman imperial residence and then a summer holiday house for Europe’s élite thinkers and artists. On the other side it is a place of experimentation and research where to put into practice all the possible varieties of hospitality.
Food preparation is an excellent way to convey the philosophy of Bellevue Syrene, thanks to the work of the young and talented chef Ivan Ruocco. For those who are on the look for classic and familiar flavours will not be disappointed by his interpretation of spaghetti with clams and dried tomatoes, which is a classic dish of the Neapolitan gastronomy and deeply rooted in the spirit of the Sorrento area. Those who instead seek unknown flavours must try the astonishing banana ravioli with lobster filling, invention and expression of the chef, who has undertaken a brilliant and professional career. The icing on the cake is the wonderful scenery that can be admired from the panoramic terrace and the Mimmo Jodice room, or the archaeological fashion of the Villa Pompeiana rooms, which are a faithful 20th century reconstruction of the Casa dei Vetti in Pompei.

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