Arnaldo Pomodoro’s exhibition in Sorrento


An anthological exhibition which captivates the whole town, for a spring and summer 2015 in the pursuit of art.


From June 19th to October 4th 2015 Villa Fiorentino will host the exhibition “Rive dei mari” (Sea shores) of the Maestro Arnaldo Pomodoro, and starting from March 5th the squares of Sorrento are adorned with just as many of the artist’s monumental masterpieces, enhancing the town’s unique atmosphere.

An anthological exhibition which retraces the most important milestones of the Maestro’s work, which always considered the “relationship of the artwork with the area in which is collocated” a primary requirement and transforms and enriches the place in which is set.
His works of art, achieved with different materials, combine technological research, sign and handcraft elements, so to offer the viewer myths and archetypes which are both ancient and futuristic, which are conveyed by the fundamental shapes of the sphere, the column, the wheel, the cube, and they add up the empty-full, inside-outside contrasts in a perfect spatial synthesis