Ai mercatini di NataleThe awaited 8th edition of the art, music and tradition show which marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities, M’Illumino d’Inverno, has begun and this year will go on until the end of February.

The lighting of the huge Christmas tree in piazza Tasso marks the beginning of the events that will liven up the Christmas period and beyond in Sorrento and the entire peninsula. The lights confer a magical atmosphere to the town, as if it were wearing its finest clothing to welcome the numerous visitors who participate in the events of the M’Illumino d’Inverno show, which has successfully reached its eighth edition.
Among the most awaited events are the Giornate Professionali di Cinema, professional cinema days, the most important annual event of the Italian film industry; the Sorrento Jazz, the nativity scene art expositions, the Christmas markets, the renowned living Presepe in Casarlano and street artists for the younger ones.
A lot of importance has been given to contemporary art this year, thanks to ONDA Art Gallery Vetrine d’Artista, which has the winners of the Illustration Marathon 2015, an international comic and illustration event during the month of October in Florence’s Palazzo Strozzi, as their main protagonists. During all the Christmas period the most beautiful windows of the town will host the works of the young artists realized during the live contest on Sunday November 29th.
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