Slow Food and Penisola Sorrentina

“Not an ordinary market” is the slogan used by the first edition of the “Earth Market” in Piano di Sorrento in 2016. It is a way to discover the excellent products of this territory and to purchase good and tasty products consistent with the principles of periodicity, sustainability and equity that distinguish the spirit of Slow Food.
Slow Food, the international wine and food association born in 1989 which conducts the philosophy of healthy and responsible eating, promotes in the entire world a series of “Earth markets” which periodically offer communities the chance to meet local producers and to buy good products in an environmentally friendly way and at a fair price. Smaller farmers and artisans who realise high quality products are also included in the Earth Markets which are then sold as local products at a reasonable price. An Earth Market is also present in Piano di Sorrento which is held every second Sunday of the month in the food and vegetable market area of Piazza della Repubblica. Honey, oil, wine, handcrafted beer, nuts, cheese, bread but also traditional tools used by our grandmothers, all condensed in a tasteful itinerary which represents an alternative and fun way to know the beauty, the richness and the culture of this land. The next date for the Earth Market in Piano di Sorrento is Sunday, January 10th. As usual a trumpet sound will mark the beginning of the sales, from 9 am to 1 pm, but the most awaited event is the “Flavour laboratory” dedicated to hazelnuts so to learn all of their possible features and variations