The five-star Bellevue Syrene has decided to put a Magazine at web users’ disposal. An innovative and almost unique idea in the outline of the hotel offer.¬†An instrument to let oneself know, a space where to tell about a unique and exclusive facility, but also the enchanting town which houses it, with its culture, its traditions, its characteristics.

An instrument to communicate.
The traveller, we prefer to call him like this, instead of tourist, is a self-conscious individual, able to plan and organize a holiday by himself, by using in a personalized and careful way, technological means like the Internet. A traveller able to select information who does not follow the logic of the special offer, but becomes exigent and, besides the excellent quality of accommodation facilities, wishes to find a philosophy to share, a lifestyle.

An instrument to update.
A way to put, at one’s disposal, interesting contents in a free and periodic way. The user, in fact, will be able to use constantly contents, but also updatings and information the Magazine will contain.

An instrument to share.
A way to recognize one another and find oneself around a virtual instrument, whose purpose, according to the 2.0. logic, is just that to create interaction.
Moreover, an instrument to feel welcome. Thanks to a philosophy of welcome, typical of the Bellevue Syrene hotel, which puts the guest and his needs at the centre of everything. A philosophy shared by its owners and staff who work for it, a real identity which gives an innovative, exclusive business image back, far away from the mere and classic entrepeneurial management linked to business.
A philosophy giving a real frame of sense inside which it is easy to place and interpret the aesthetical beauty of the town and in particular of the facility.
Originally a villa, turned into a hotel and once again into a villa thanks to its recent renovation. Where owners welcome guests, not customers.
Where to feel cuddled, molly-coddled, unique. Where to be able to get in touch with one’s soul and pacify with the whole world.