Terrace aperitif at Bellevue Syrene

A sparkling and fascinating pre-evening, on the magical scenery of the Vesuvius at sunset.


A beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, a glass with the colours and flavours of the Mediterranean, a tasty canape to whet your appetite for the evening…

At Bellevue Syrene the aperitif is one of the most awaited moments of the day.

The selection of cocktails, the care of preparation, a dedicated gastronomic offer of great refinement, an absolutely perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy the show of the sun disappearing below the horizon. 

And it is just the beginning, the night has just begun, and promises starry skies, music in the background and a romantic dinner to end a perfect day.


Our bartender never fails to customise his creations with an element that recalls the flavours of the Mediterranean. First of all the liqueur made with the lemons of Sorrento, the famous Limoncello, which is excellent to drink straight but also to enrich and give character to most classic cocktails, with fun and tasty reinterpretations.


The attention dedicated to preparation and decoration is just another of the many interpretations of Bellevue’s philosophy: everything we do must enhance the beauty, the welcoming spirit, the warmth of our land and our passion for hospitality.

Romantic Nympheum

The charm of a unique place, which after 2000 years talks to us, speaks our language and tells us a magical and mysterious story that seduces and enchants.
Beauty is timeless, it overcomes fashions, it is sculpted in eternity.

There are moments we wish to be perfect, which we have been craving for a lifetime because we think that it will change it.
Or maybe it is the moment itself, in its perfection, that will suddenly convince us to make the most important decision.

What is certain is that special moments deserve a setting which is equally exceptional, and acts as a backdrop for the way we feel.

And the memory will be for us to keep like a precious jewel.

Breakfast in Villa Pompeiana

Villa Pompeiana is a magical location to start a day of relaxation and wellbeing, to charge yourself with beauty and positivity.
The Villa Pompeiana is an almost perfect reproduction of the house of the Vetti in Pompeii, built at the beginning of the 20th century by the English collector William Waldorf Astor. In this enchanting setting, which reveals the deep bond that the Villa has with its millennial history, overlooking the sea of the Mermaids, breakfast becomes the first of a series of wellness and satisfying events.

The gastronomic proposal for breakfast satisfies all tastes. Cakes, pastries, brioches and croissants, fragrant bread, delicious omelettes, coffee, fresh-squeezed juice and much more, for a rich, colourful and energetic international breakfast.
The mild temperature of the coast allows you to enjoy breakfast outside until late autumn. For the cooler days, the Mimmo Iodice room, with its windows framing the Gulf, welcomes its guests by offering them the fascinating view of the winter sea.

A careful and discreet service, meticulous care in the preparation of the buffet show the importance that the hotel gives to breakfast, the first step of a perfect day.