The Festival of St. Antonino in Sorrento

Crowded and lively in Summer, Sorrento is a town rich in events and happenings also in Winter.
On February 14th every year, on Valentine’s day, Sorrento celebrates the festival of St. Antonino, the Patron Saint of the town. A double feast, therefore, for all those who decide to spend this period in Sorrento Coast which lives the celebrations in honour of the Patron Saint very intensively.

According to the legend, St. Anthony the Abbott was a monk who, after the apparition of St. Michael the Archangel and on orders of him, built a church in Sorrento, today known as Basilica of Sant’ Antonino, among the most important artistic and architectural beauties in the town. Dear to the population also for his numerous miracles, the Patron Saint is remembered every year with a series of pleasant events.

A religious as well as a folkloristic and cultural event, February 14th is, therefore, one of the most beautiful moments to live the magical atmosphere Sorrento is immersed in: religious rites alternate with numerous profane events, thus making the festival rich in happenings.

St. Antonino is celebrated with a suggestive devotional procession occurring in the morning of February 14th: the enchanting silver statue representing the saint goes around the town, accompanied by the inhabitants and by the religious, civil and military authorities, under the charmed eyes of so many people.