Shopping in Sorrento

shopping a sortrento

A stroll in Sorrento among shop windows and historical buildings while savouring a handmade ice-cream.

Shopping is certainly one of the most fun things to do on holiday, especially the search for the most original and significant souvenir to take back home Sorrento is the ideal place for this quest because of its abundance of typical products ranging from wine and food to local artisanship and roads entirely dedicated to shopping and strolling. Via San Cesareo, the heart of the historical centre with its 16th and 17th century buildings is the real core of local shopping; it is an explosion of voices and colours, plentiful stands exposing their products and offers its guests the best of what Sorrento has to offer. Lemons, oranges, chilli peppers, typical liqueurs such as Limoncello and Nocino, ornate sandals, handbags, scarfs, colourful ceramics and precious inlaid chests, bars, small restaurants, ice-cream shops. And while you go through this vibrant and merry itinerary you may bump into a real jewel of 13th century architecture: the Sedil Dominova, an elegant medieval loggia where noble citizens held assemblies. Parallel to via San Cesareo is Corso Italia, the most elegant road in town, with its shops dedicated mostly to fashion: clothes, accessories, footwear, leather goods and cosmetics for every demand and for every budget, from designer brands to low cost. As in via San Cesareo, here too it is possible to be fascinated by the exquisite fa├žades of the historical buildings.