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The colors and scents of Mediterranean are the main ingredients of our kitchen.
Taste of authenticity.

Our idea of welcoming our guests, which fulfils itself in our desire to treat them and make them feel at home, also includes the kitchen.

For this reason Bellevue Syrene makes good use of the experience and cooperation of professional and versatile chefs, capable of following the latest cuisine fashions without disregarding tradition. The same elements that distinguish the landscape of the Terra delle Sirene such as citrus fruits, grapevines, olive and walnut trees, are the fundamental ingredients of the dishes that make the Mediterranean diet famous in the entire world. These fine ingredients, excellence land products, transformed and glorified in the skilful hands of our chefs will give birth to new flavour-satisfying experiences.

For info and reservations: restaurant@bellevue.it

Ivan Ruocco

“The chance of doing a number of different experiences has been very important for my job, because I had the chance to try out all the aspects of cookery, from starters to pastry”.

I graduated at a catering institute and I obtained a Commis degree. I started very early to work across Europe to learn about the most up-to-date and innovative instruments and techniques to bring back to Italy with me, to give a fresh and modern touch to our traditional dishes.

Our premises are able to respond in a flexible way to your wishes, according to the season.

The splendid panoramic terraces which houses the restaurant La Pergola, perfect for hot summer days. The Mimmo Jodice room, decorated with some of the pictures of the great Neapolitan photographer, completes the hotel’s offering to find an ideal location which will make your most important moments unforgettable.

La Pergola

A ravishing terrace with an astounding view of the Gulf of Naples plunged in the blue of the sea and the sky of Sorrento. A perfect location for a special meal or dinner, to enjoy a glass of wine with your partner, or simply to spend some pleasant time between an excursion and a stroll while exploring the magical land of Mermaids.

Mimmo Iodice

An enchanting window on the Gulf with wide panes framing the most beautiful work of art: the landscape. The Mimmo Jodice room, dedicated to the famous Neapolitan photographer, is the perfect location for breakfast during winter for our guests, with appropriate scenery for all kind of events. 

Villa Pompeiana

This terrace, unique in its kind, comes from the desire to celebrate the remains of an ancient imperial residence on which Bellevue Syrene rises, and to give our guests a small experience of that elegance and beauty which for centuries made princes, philosophers and artists fall in love.

  • Club Lounge

    Every moment is perfect for a tasty treat.

  • Restaurant

    The colors and scents of Mediterranean are the main ingredients of our kitchen.

  • Wine Cellar

    In those which once were the cellars of the ancient villa which belonged to Emperor Augustus...

  • Breakfast

    A sweet awakening to start the day in the best possible way.

  • Bar

    Mediterranean colors and flavors in our Bar, the first stage of the journey through the Bellevue Syrene, which welcomes guests along the pergola of the entrance avenue.

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