An oasis of wellbeing

for purely relaxing moments.


“A reinvigorating experience to relieve stress, free one’s energy and highlight the beauty which resides in each of us”

Dedicate some time to let yourself be treated by expert hands, to gratify yourself with a nice massage, to relieve your mind from a busy and stressful life…You couldn’t ask for any better from the ideal holiday. The Wellness centre of Bellevue Syrene provides moments of utmost pleasure with its hammam and body and face massage programs.



“My desire is that the sensation of wellness is so satisfying that will make their memory of the Bellevue even better once they get home”.

Wellness for me is a way of life, to the base of which there is a well-being philosophy founded on the love of caring about oneself, body and mind. When I take care of someone I try to hand over this feeling of mine and the guests often feel it too, once someone even told me that he could feel my passion through the magic in my hands. I’ve been in this sector for over twenty years and in each treatment I try to give the best I can and to create a feeling with the people I come in contact with.


The scent of fine oils, the delicate texture of the best face and body creams and a profound feeling of well-being are all excellent reasons to try out the massages of the Wellness center of Bellevue Syrene.


Hydrate, revitalise, light up, tone up... To give your skin a pleasant sensation of freshness and brightness.


A well-being ritual arrived here from oriental cultures to give us a deep sensation of purity and balance.

Complete Treatments List

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” Oscar Wilde

The ravishing lure
of the Sirens.


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